Makeup and Jewelry Parties is the original party planner for makeup and jewelry parties. Our packages allow individuals to host the perfect event whether it is for a birthday party or even a convention. Makeup and jewelry parties are an excellent way to try new products and enjoy an evening with friends. We have been in the business for years, love what we do and can plan a makeup and jewelry party for any occasion.


Hairdo by Roger Ramoni


Glasses by Victor Secreni


Nail polish by Sandra Sounders


“Red Velvet” Dress by Varia Vereni

Host a Makeup & Jewelry Party

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Whether it is a surprise birthday for a friend or a party for a non-profit organization, makeup and jewelry parties will be a fun and engaging event for everyone at the party.

One of the best things about hosting a makeup and jewelry party is having fun with friends and meeting new people. However, if being a hostess means doing all the party planning as well, the event can become more of a burden to have than what it is worth. On the other hand, individuals that use our makeup and jewelry party planning services are left with nothing to do other than to enjoy the company of their guests and to have fun.

Plan a Makeup & Jewelry Party

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Learn how our makeup and jewelry party planning services can save time and money. Our services can eliminate the hassle of running to the store at the last minute for things that were forgotten or needed at the last minute. Makeup and jewelry party planning services ensure that everything for the party is in place so that the only thing left to do will be left to greet the guests and introduce the makeup and or jewelry that has been chosen for the event.

Women love makeup and jewelry parties

Just choose the type of party that is desired and we will do the rest, we can create a plan for any size party from a few close friends to filling an entire convention center. Makeup and jewelry party planning services guarantee that being a hostess will never be easier and the evening will go as planned.

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